Trash & Yard Waste

The City of Almena provides solid waste collection and everyone within the city limits is required to have garbage collection picked up. There is a yard waste compost pile that residents can take their tree limbs, branches, grass clippings and leaves to- these items will not be picked up with the regular trash collection. 

Regular Trash Day is every Tuesday. All trash must be set out curbside by 8:00am in order to be picked up that day. Trash must be bagged and/or in a trash container with handles.


Polycarts are available for purchase through the city for $74/ea. Call 785-669-2425 for more information.

Dumpers are available for rental through the city and cost $25 per dump. Call 785-669-2425 to rent a dumpster.

Frequently Asked Questions

What day is trash picked up?

Regular trash is picked up day every Tuesday. Have items to the cubside by 8am. If the day has to be moved, we will notify you via text message. See our home page to sign up for city text alerts.

Does Almena have a City-Wide Clean Up?

Almena participates in the county-wide clean up, which generally occurs each spring in April. Check our Calendar of Events for details as we receive them. Located at the bottom of this page is our most recent flyer that has details about what is picked up.

Do lawn clippings, leaves, and yard waste get picked up?

Yard debris does not get picked up with regular trash. There is a compost pile available for residents to take their yard waste (branches, sticks, leaves, grass, etc) located on Rd E 10, South of Almena Agri Services.  Call 785-669-2425 for more information.

Polycarts available for sale